Thursday, June 6, 2013

For The Very First Time

Well, this is a late post actually. A week ago, my classmates and I went to a cool studio in my city for our Photo Camera and Editing's assignment. Yeah, my major study has that PCE subject, as known as Photography class.

So, the theory-of-the-week was Indoor Photography: Studio. I was the asst. coordinator for that and my lecturer told me that we (my classmates and I) had to dress as gorgeous as possible. Exciting, right? We started it off with choosing two themes, then we decided what-to-wear. We picked two simple yet very nice themes, and chose the dress code.

My girl friends suggested me to wear a maxi-skirt but I disagree. I was like, "I wanna make a toughful look! I'm gonna wear my denim pants, brown boots, and a black handbag. Uyeay!" but then I was like, "Let's see where I put my boots for the last time...." and unfortunately I couldn't find my boots. I changed my own concept.