About Daily Dose of Caffeine

Why I changed the name of the blog from milk and toast and honey to Daily Dose of Caffeine?

Actually, I need a simpler blog name, but yea I know the present name is no simpler than before. I just want to make an icon and do this 'personal branding' thing for my blog, so here it is: Daily Dose of Caffeine.

Why I chose caffeine instead of coffee (like we all know, caffeine is identical to coffee)? At the first time, I want to change the blog name into A Cup of Morning Coffee, but then I found out that my friend's blog have the similar name, so I decided to not using it. After a long wandering (lol no), I finally named my blog with something related to coffee: caffeine!

Long story short, I'm kind of addicted to caffeine, anything with caffeine; coffee, chocolate, or even tea. Why do I'm addicted to caffeine? It's all because my migraine. If someday my migraine's finally gone, hmm, I might not addicted to caffeine anymore, but still I can't left my habit to not drink any of caffeine things. :p

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