Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He Fall Asleep

Well, it is 9:32 PM and I still awake.

Hhhhhh, gue bete deh ah. Si orens ninggal gue bobok lagi huhuhu :( padahal gue sedari tadi kaga ada temennya, sendiriaaaan deh ah. Cuman ditemenin laptop ini ngeeeeeeek -___- ya gitu deh pasti, tiap abis pulang latian apa ngetrap pasti gue langsung ditinggal ngebo -.-' padahal baru juga sms dianya -___- mau tau smsnya apa?

Mush'ab: Ayaaang
Gue: Apa?
Mush'ab: Udah ngetrapnya
Gue: Yaudahlah
Mush'ab: Kangeeen
Gue: Paling bentar lagi ditinggal bobok
Mush'ab: Iya ay
Gue: Tuhkan hhhh
*krik krik*
Gue: Tuh katanya kangen tapi bobok
*gak dibales. ngebo -_-*

Woo dasar kebo cap toples! Dikit-dikit ngantuk, dikit-dikit molor yaelaaaah -__- Hhhh harus betah nih kaya gini terus sampe hari Sabtu, soalnya dia kan manggung sama bandnya, mangkain harus latian intensif terus *ceileh* biar gak ngecewain. Yang artinya...

Latian --> Sore-malem --> Pulang --> Capek --> Ngebo

Huhuhu :( gapapa deh. Demi kesuksesannya lah. Hhhh -_- eh wait wait, hp gue nggeter. Noooooh Mush'ab kebangun, sms gue deh -__________- afaaaal deh gue isi smsnya pasti "maaf ay ketiduran" sreeeeeeeeeeeeeeh iya iya wae lah (ˇ_ˇ’!l) Apa mungkin dia kerasa kali ya kalo lagi digosipin di blog gue ini? Hahahaha whatever lah, yang penting gue ditemenin wk uhuy ~(˘▾˘~) ~(˘▾˘)~ (~˘▾˘)~

L.A Lights Community Coolbreak


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean to hurt you.

As I told you before, this evening I'd go to chemist course. My daddy carry me up at 3.45 pm and my bf pick me up at 5.30 pm. I did call him for a ride, because I miss him so and I really want to had a little conversation with him.

Unfortunately, our communication goes bad. He couldn't catch what I was tell him about, and so do I. Then we had a bad fight. I saw his tears, and it means that I WAS HURT HIS FEELING. I know him. I know that he's not gonna cry for something he thinks unimportant for his life. AND SO I REALIZED, THAT I AM IMPORTANT FOR HIM! Oh boy, I can't see him like that. I can't see him cry. I feel very sorry about that. I WAS ABOUT GONNA CRY WHEN I SAW HIM CRY. It hurts my feeling a lot :'(

And it still happened until I was home. He still hurts, and I just do nothing. I said "Sorry" and it's not relieved me enough. I'm guilty. I didn't know what to do.

20 minutes later, he send me a message. As usual, he always text "I'm home" when he comes home. And I replied "Yes". And he replied "I'm sorry honey..."
Oh God, feels like I'm gonna cry at that moment for reading his message. Then I replied "Me too"
Damn, that's not the words I should say!

And we keep continuing texting each other. Now, I feel relieved for saying "I'm really sorry. I've hurt your heart" :) And Gooosh, oh he is the nicest man I ever knew. He said "I've forgive you, hon. Never mind. I know you don't mean to do that" :)

Honey, I'm sorry. I know I'm not the best for you. But I know, YOU ARE THE BEST FOR ME :)

I love you.

I am here.

Well, an hour ago I was opened this blog. And yet I'm not writing anything here. I'm not in the mood to write something about my story today, in case of I have to go to my course after this. Hoaaam, I feel sleepy but......I really have to go there.

Maybe tonight I will post some photos of mine :) Check the caption of every each photos, because I will tell you about the taken of the photos. About how to edit those, how to take a good photos, and many more. Don't miss my other post, okay? I probably give you some information about photographs, cameras, aaaand many mooore :))


Monday, October 18, 2010

Thought of The Day

No one realized that I am here. Feels like everyone thought that Rizky Nindy Lestari doesn't exist.
hurtful, right?

Sunday, October 17, 2010



Quote of The Day

"I want you to help me find the right way."
-Rizky Nindy Lestari.

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Today is Saturday, October 16th, 2010. One of my really good friend, Dimas, must be happy today. Because this day is the day when he and his girlfriend, Vega, have their first anniversary! Congratulations you two! Longlast yaa~ :D

Oke, hari ini ga ada something interesting sih ya, datar-datar aja. Tadi juga satnite cuman nonton film, yaaah seperti satnite-satnite sebelumnya. Gue tadi nonton Kambing Jantan, filmnya Raditya Dika. Agak basi? Haha, iya emang, abis gue belom nonton sih, penasaran, jadilah gue nonton itu film. Hehehe.

Filmnya cukup ngehibur kok. Yang bikin gue seneng sama film itu adalah ekspresinya Dika. Hahahaha sumpah gokil banget dah ekspresinya dia, gue rasa si Dika cocoknya jadi pelawak aja deh daripada jadi artis gitu. Iye gak?


Yaampuuun, gue bosen setengah mati nih hari. Pacar udah ngebo duluan ngeeeeeeeks -____- sementara gue masih melek-melek aja nih mata. Hmmm.

Oiya, gue pengeeeen banget sesuatu. Apakah itu? Liat gambarnya dan lo akan tau ;)

Tau ga sih gambar apa ini? YEPPP! Canon EOS 550D! Sumfffffeeeeeeeh gue ngebet banget punya nih DSLR!

Tapi sayangnyaa, gue belom bisa dapetin tuh kamera sekarang huhuhu sedihh T-T. Satu-satunya cara untuk gue dapetin ini kamera yaitu: RANKING SATU DI KELAS! Daaaaan sialnya, kelas gue banyak murid pinternya! Ahoy banget sih -_- Pacar gue aja termasuk deretan murid-murid pinter di kelas. Alamaaak masa saingan sama pacar sendiri sih? Ish.

Yaaa harepan gue sihh, mudah-mudahan semester satu ini gue bisa ranking satu laah (aminn) biar cepet punya DSLR trus menekuni hobi deh! Ohohoho :'D Doain gue yaaa!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Me Loves Photograph

Hello again world! This time, I won't tell you about my story today, I just wanna post some photos of mine. Yeah I know I'm a newbie, but hey, probably my photos interest you? Haha, maybe, so now, I'm about to post my work :)

Was taken at Filadelfia Hotel, Batu, Malang, East Java. Digicam Canon Ixus 75, after breakfast :)

This one also taken at Filadelfia Hotel, still using that Digicam (Ika's), after meeting.

Still at the same place, same time, same camera.

My school property :) Dimas' digicam, I'm sorry I forgot its brand :(

I killed my boredom with taking some photos like this. Nerd, isn't it? Still using Dimas' digicam.

Tuesday evening, Casio Exilim EX-Z2 (digicam) :)

Still at the same time, same camera.

Well, I think it's enough for today :) Don't miss my next photograph's post awkayyy :) See you guys! :smooch:


Well, good morning unhappy world! I write this at 1:29 AM! OMG! Such a laaate late night, isn't it? Woohoo :D

So, I don't know from where I must start this little preface. But yeah, I guess I have to tell you, WHERE HAVE I BEEN LATELY, mustn't I? :) Heheh.

Well, I was so busy with my school, my friend, and my boy probably :p Haven't I tell you that I've already have a boyfriend since 10 days after my birthday this year? Nope? Not yet? Mmm, okay, I understand I have to tell you a little about him.


This boy, actually, I've knew him some years ago. But I knew him further since he and I was a classmate and we were about sitting at the same column at my ex-class, X-2. He was sit in front of me, and I was sit with my kinda suck friend (oops, sorry to say, Salman. No hurt feeling, please). He was stare at me at the first step of my foot looking for a desk. I stared him back. I remember his flat face when his eyes meet mine. So I thought "Oh damn, I am at the same class with this intelligent boy!" in case of he is a very smart boy, I confessed.

And time goes by, he just like a friend of mine, and! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT HE COULD BE MY BOYFRIEND UNTIL NOW Haha, I think my love stories about him before we did this commitment is not as important as my other stories :) I just let you to ask me,

The clock tick-tock, jokes remains and POOF!
He is my boyfriend now. HAHA. I am not interested to tell you this full stories of my love-life. It is a privacy, isn't it? It's not good to let our privacy and our secrets become public consumption.


So that, my little preface to refresh our memories about my cyber diary. I'm going to tell you a lot story after writing this. But, NOT NOW. I gotta go and do my homework then study hard for mid-semester test!


Don't you wonder who is that lucky boy? HAHA :D
That lucky boy is MUHAMMAD MUSH'AB ABDURRAHMAN, the nicest guy I ever met :*