Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, good morning unhappy world! I write this at 1:29 AM! OMG! Such a laaate late night, isn't it? Woohoo :D

So, I don't know from where I must start this little preface. But yeah, I guess I have to tell you, WHERE HAVE I BEEN LATELY, mustn't I? :) Heheh.

Well, I was so busy with my school, my friend, and my boy probably :p Haven't I tell you that I've already have a boyfriend since 10 days after my birthday this year? Nope? Not yet? Mmm, okay, I understand I have to tell you a little about him.


This boy, actually, I've knew him some years ago. But I knew him further since he and I was a classmate and we were about sitting at the same column at my ex-class, X-2. He was sit in front of me, and I was sit with my kinda suck friend (oops, sorry to say, Salman. No hurt feeling, please). He was stare at me at the first step of my foot looking for a desk. I stared him back. I remember his flat face when his eyes meet mine. So I thought "Oh damn, I am at the same class with this intelligent boy!" in case of he is a very smart boy, I confessed.

And time goes by, he just like a friend of mine, and! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT HE COULD BE MY BOYFRIEND UNTIL NOW Haha, I think my love stories about him before we did this commitment is not as important as my other stories :) I just let you to ask me,

The clock tick-tock, jokes remains and POOF!
He is my boyfriend now. HAHA. I am not interested to tell you this full stories of my love-life. It is a privacy, isn't it? It's not good to let our privacy and our secrets become public consumption.


So that, my little preface to refresh our memories about my cyber diary. I'm going to tell you a lot story after writing this. But, NOT NOW. I gotta go and do my homework then study hard for mid-semester test!


Don't you wonder who is that lucky boy? HAHA :D
That lucky boy is MUHAMMAD MUSH'AB ABDURRAHMAN, the nicest guy I ever met :*

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