Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Feeling.

Not all my daily stories written here. Some stories are too private to tell so that I have to write it in my diary. I mean, diary.

Well, today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday and I hate it so much.
There are things that I hate but I still have to face it everyday..
I hate being the one who loves someone who doesn't love me enough.
I hate being the one who always cry over love stories while everyone around are smiling.
I hate being the new me. I miss the old me. The new one is SUCKS.

I miss me. I miss my voice. I miss my hair. I miss my body. I miss my attitude. I miss how I always smile though I had a lot of problems. I miss how creative I was. I miss how I advises my friends and I can kept it for myself. I miss how mature I was. I miss the way I wrote my future novel, my short stories, oh man I miss them a lot.

The new me is really sucks. I mean it. The new me is childish. The new me is so much different than the previous one. And I hate it. So much.

Some said I've changed because of love. Some said love drove me crazy. And hell yeah, I hate it that I've changed because of one stinky thing called LOVE. I wish I knew how to make a feeling stop.

I don't know why, I don't know how, but I'm starting to hate love.

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