Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Debut

Hola amigo! Long time no see, huh? Sorry for this late posting, I had so much to do so that I have no time for internet and virtual world. Even for my BlackBerry Internet Service.

Well, this time I'm about to posting a fashion-kind-posting. What makes this posting different with the previous one is, it's about my own style. My passion in fashion. But I'd like to call this posting as The Debut, WHY? Because it is the very first time I post my own style to this blog. Though I know I'm not that fashionable and not so stylish, I still want to share these things to you.

I'll try to look like a fashion blogger in this posting, so forgive me if there will be so much similarities with Hot Chocolate & Mint, my inspiration.

I took these photos a couple days ago, in purpose for joining Stylish Mini Tote Bag Competition which held by Gadis magazine, a popular teen magazine. But it makes me so sad knowing that the photo upload limit was January 2nd, 2012; while I uploaded my photos this evening. But no problems, maybe it was not my lucky day. I'm sure I can join the same competition next time.

So now, I will share my style, in a fashion blogger way :) Check check!

Unbranded t-shirt, unbranded batik skirt, Gadis' mini tote bag, League shoes, Baby-G watch

Fame blouse, self design skirt, unbranded socks, Nevada shoes, unbranded bow hairpiece, Gadis' mini tote bag, Baby-G watch


This skirt is designed by me, but my mom chose the material secretly

I got this mini tote bag as the bonus of Gadis 2012 Annual Edition. Thanks Gadis!

 I love the colors combination :)

I love that batik skirt for sure! I have 3 batik skirts on my closet, 2 skirts and a maxi one. Actually I never wear the maxi because it is too long for me and I was thinking about remodel it.

Oh, I did some Me Time in this holiday. And see what I've done!

Nail polished my right hand. So messy actually.

My left hand. Hell yeah reaaaaaally messy

Left-right. Too messy to publish. Argh!

Well, I keep on trying to be a real fashion blogger. 

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