Sunday, November 20, 2011

These Items

Well, I'm about to posting a fashion-kind-posting in this blog. Actually I want to do this for so long, but there were sooooo many things I had to do so that I couldn't post any of fashion-kind-posting.

It must be my first fashion-kind-posting, I guess. And this one is about my looklet. Yeah, you know, playing looklet gave me so much fun and I love to mix and match all the items there. I want to have it all hahah.

Before I post some photos, I wanna tell you that I have passion in fashion. I wanna be a fashion stylist, actually, but my mom says no :( It's so sad that I have to threw away my dream, but life is not over. I also have passion in photography, and the good news is: everyone near me support me! :)

I guess that's all the untold story about me, and now, let's start posting photos!

What do I love from this style is the long sleeves, the skirt, and the bag.

THIS STYLE IS AHHMAZING! I do love the cardigan and the bag. In my opinion, this is the best style I ever made.

Oh I love the bow and the tulip skirt. The red ankle heels make this style perfect.

I absolutely love the futuristic socks! And the jacket is awhhsome.

I wanna wear these items in real life :(

Well, those was my project from my looklet. I really really want to have all of those items but it's so hard to find the tops, bottoms, outerwear, bags, and shoes like that in Surabaya :( Yeah online stores have them, but the price is unreachable :(((((

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