Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well, the main purpose why am I online was to write some report about Football Competition (for SEA GAMES) between my country, Indonesia, versus Vietnam. I was so excited but I decided to change my blog's appearance first then posted a new posting. Yes; the header's changed -though yesterday I was change this one and changed it again tonight-, the name of my blog's changed, the greetings, the bio, the visitor counter, the clock, the logos of facebook, twitter, and tumblr, and the font also changed. I changed my blog a lot especially for the sidebar.

But after having fun with changing my blog, something happened. Someone ruined my mood. Now I'm not in the mood for write down some report about the football competition.

You know what, the saddest feeling in the world is when you've tried to make some effort for someone but then he/she didn't appreciate any of your effort.


  1. #pukpuk keep smiling ya adek :3


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