Monday, May 7, 2012

People are Judgemental.

Yesterday I went to Pasar Atom Mall, Surabaya to bought something new. I brought three footwears on my dad's car; a flatshoes, an ankle boots and a sandals. First, I thought this mall is big and I was right. So I decided to wear my sandals in case of walking too long. And, I was right again. This mall gave me sooooo many option. I bought something and then I went to Pasar Atum Lama. The difference between Pasar Atum Mall (PAM) and Pasar Atum Lama (PAL) is absolutely the range of price. If a cute lace collar dress on PAM is costs 300,000 rupiahs, the same one is costs about 200,000 rupiahs. Suprising, right?

The awkward and annoying moment was happened when I visit a store on PAL which brand is famous enough. Initial CK. I've told you that I was wearing sandals, haven't I? Well, when I look around and took one of their pretty tops, a shopkeeper came near to me. I wasn't think negative, because she wore a smile. Then I took a mullet skirt and she followed me. I changed to the accessories part but she still followed me. What made me confused and annoyed is that she followed me whenever I go while the other visitors were free to go. Based on what I wore, this time was sandals, I could imagine what was on her mind. She was like "OMG this girl is gonna steal something from our store! I have to keep an eye on her." And I was like "What the F with this shopkeeper? I'm not gonna steal anything." Then my mom came and whispered that the shopkeeper was like a maniac. I absolutely agreed and immediately went away from that store.

You know, when someone is wearing sandals or flip flops on a mall, doesn't mean she/he doesn't has enough money to buy a good shoes. Sometimes she/he just want to be different, or maybe looks for some comfortness. So you, a maniac shopkeeper, the purpose I wore my sandals yesterday was because I look for some comfortness. Do you think I don't have enough money to buy one of your stuff? Ha. You wrong. I think you don't get it what they tell 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.

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