Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

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Well, you know my country, Indonesia, has some problems issue right now. It’s sad knowing that the problems actually can be simply solved by the government, but they take nothing to act.

I’m proud of Indonesian students who studied at Berlin, Germany. Why? Because they told their opinions and aspirations in front of what it called ‘Wakil Rakyat’. Face to face. They weren’t like other students who usually made some demonstration or even vandalism to tell the government what is wrong with this country. The Indonesian students make an organization called PPI or Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia (Indonesian Student Association). They come to Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, to put their ideas across what ‘Wakil Rakyat’ did to Berlin or any other country in need to ‘studi banding’ or whatsoever they call it, is not important at all because those ‘Wakil Rakyat’ invited their relation and even their family to join with them visiting countries all over the world BUT using PEOPLE’s money. It’s okay if they paid their trip with their OWN money, but using people’s money? It is not okay. We paid taxes because government said that it has been used for our necessity. In fact, we paid taxes to fork out for ‘Wakil Rakyat’ trip to foreign countries. They said it was for ‘studi banding’, if it really for that ‘studi banding’, so where is the result? They have to show us the result, right? PPI was right, and always right because they expressed what people like me can’t express right in front of hundreds men and women who stole our money. People’s money.

This is a sad situation in our political life. Mr. President should do something to change this situation and maybe change the array of ‘Wakil Rakyat’ with the better one  if we want a better life and better country. If he can’t found the better one, maybe he can found the best one.

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