Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tugas Bahasa Inggris

Going to Mount Bromo

One sunny day, Ana, Rere and Kiky want to go to mount Bromo.

Ana: Hey! Today is Saturday, right?
Rere: So?
Ana: Any idea about spending time this weekend?
Kiky: How about going to mount Bromo?
Ana: It sounds great!
Rere: Hmm yes, I agree with you
Kiky: So, when will we go then? Is it anyone else want to go with us?
Ana: What if tomorrow morning?
Rere: Sorry, I promise to my other friends to hangout tomorrow morning
Kiky: Hm, no problem
Ana: Hey, let's talk about our plan! If it just three of us?
Rere: Let's invite anybody else!
Kiky: I'd like you to invite Kak Faris, your brother, maybe?
Rere: I'm afraid he can't. He just having an accident and have to take a rest for a month
Kiky: It really shocks me!
Ana: I'm sorry to hear that
Rere: No problem. So when will we go, guys?
Kiky: How about Monday morning? We still have a holiday, right? We can see sunrise there!
Ana: I'll be glad to!
Rere: Great! But, with whom? If just three of us, I don't think so
Kiky: With my family, of course. I'm sure they'll be happy to attending us
Ana: Alright then
Rere: So, where will we gather?
Kiky: At my house, I suppose
Ana: Okay. But Re, could you pick me up first? I'd like to go together
Rere: No problem! What time will we go to mount Bromo?
Kiky: According to my dad's opinion, we will going to mount Bromo at 2 AM
Ana: Hm, so we have to gather before 2 AM
Rere: I will pick you up at 1.30 AM
Kiky: Cool plan, guys!

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