Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Search keyword "" on Google and found that my post about photoshop tutorial (you can read it here), had been repost by two other blogs on blogspot. Check it out here and here. Anyway, I appreciate you guys for still put my blog link into your post, so that you don't break the copyright. And thank you for spreading and sharing good and useful things! :)


  1. wah iya, parah dah itu 2 blog ko demen banget copy paste ya

    Mampir kesini ya, salam kenal Peta Indonesia Karya Anak Negeri

    1. hehe iya, tapi ya ambil positifnya aja deh, bisa nyebarin ilmu juga kan :)
      sudah mampir, itu bikinan sendiri ya? keren!


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