Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy Sunday

"Sunday morning rain is falling.. Steals some cover shares some skin.."
Woke up in the morning with rain pouring down outside my nana's house. Mom offered me to accompany her and my auntie to shopped some stuff but I said no. I prefer to sleep under my blanket on this rainy Sunday but I asked her to brought me some food and auntie gave me a supernice moodbooster. Thanks, auntie!

Nevada top, Logo jeans, Fioni flats, unbranded bag

Anyway, my holiday's gonna end by March the third! I know it's too soon and I blamed myself for not doing anything on this holiday. But, I still have the next seven days, right? So I have to spend the rest of my holiday to do something that makes me happy. I will.

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