Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday = Busy

Last week, January 28th, was Sunday. And I was busy preparing these and those for our (me and my friends) first ever community event: Try Out for National Examination. It was held at my high school, SMAN 1 Pasuruan. The target were 12th grade high schooler. That was a semi-formal event. I had some fun actually :))

This was what I wore that day:

Phenomenal top, Logo denim pants, Fleurette flats, Baby-G watch, unbranded tote bag

By the way, found this old photos on my laptop and now I want a me time again like I used to do for months. Nail polish, body butter, homemade masker, woah I miss them :p

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  1. love the red flats dear :3

    umm , I want to try body butter, can you suggest me which one is good ? hehhe thanks a lot!

  2. hihi thankyou :3
    mm I try my mom's body butter, it's Bali Ratih. actually I never try any other body butter unless Bali Ratih, but I think that's good enough for a body butter, and it's affordable! :D


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