Friday, February 28, 2014

Trying to Get Used (Again) #28

This maybe the first and last letter I wrote in English. There's no particular reason why I wrote this in English. I'm just feel like my English skill is getting worse and worse since I seldom use it like I used to. You who read my blog earlier from 2011-2012 definitely not surprised and familiar with the way I wrote some posts in English.

It's Friday night, and as a participant in #30HariMenulisSuratCinta, today means Surat Kaleng day. No need to worry guys, I've planned to wrote an anonymous letter to someone (unfortunately you won't read it on my blog, and if you read it on PosCinta's, you probably don't know which letter I've written) who has made me fascinated at the very first time I saw him. I know it sounds cheesy but you'll get it once you meet him.

I think this is literally not a letter. A letter to myself, perhaps. To remind me that I have to learn English more and improve my skill by using it everyday.

Pasuruan, February 28th, 2014.
From a girl who is dying to study abroad.

Every Friday, the postmen will NOT deliver any letters because it's Surat Kaleng day.

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